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Infinite Focus
Location:North London, UK
Email Address(es):kawzmik@aol.com
Projects/Ensembles:Oisac Twins (1980/1) electro-disco with VL-Tone and Syndrum. Ow.
Egge (1985) spotty yooves torture home computers
Gypsum (1989ish) treated natural sounds and sequenced riddim
Infinite Focus (now) back to the computer with treated vocals and environmental transducers
Instruments:Various keyboards, homebrew percussion, some circuitboards with chips that go )squonk( when they pick up radio signals/temperature changes/stuff fed from the Net
Looping Gear:Homemade software, Cubase, bits and pieces of freeware.
Influences:Oh gaaahd. Aphex Twin, Brian (Eno), Can, Eno (Brian), Squarepusher, Early music, Late music, Kraftwerk, Numan, Ultravox!, Donna Summer, Thomas Dolby, Nick Drake, Syd... can I stop now please? Oh, Matmos. Plaid. Warp's a jolly fine record label, isn't it?
Musical Style:Very little.
Recordings Available:I plead the fifth.
There's a lot of rubbish about, ain't there? And a lot of people posing. Who's taking that big box of noise and shaking it about riotously with a stupid grin on their faces, that's what I want to know.

Anyway. I love the idea of capturing events from the world and mutating them, live if possible. Like Mozart did with his pet bird, but in lieu of any sort of talent I'm forced to use my machines and stuff stolen from everywhere. Also, I love the idea of being surrounded by an infinite amount of stuff with its own form -- radio waves, car noises, buildings breathing, temperature cycles, weather systems, the ebb and flow of people, relationships, the pattern of emails, stars flickering -- that we can't normally perceive as form and being able to become aware of it by translating it all into music. Music, moreover, that makes you want to get up and shake yer booty. Or break down and cry. Or go and find happiness. Or whatever.

I'm not there yet. I may never be. I'm not very good. But it's fun.

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