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Italo de Angelis
Email Address(es):italoop@libero.it
Website URL(s):http://www.geocities.com/italoop
Projects/Ensembles:solo looper
Instruments:PRS Custom 24, Gibson ES335, Fender Stratocaster guitars, EMU Esi32 Sampler w/Roland PC200 MkII keyboard. SansAmp PSA1 midi gtr preamp, PCs, Peavey PC1600X midi controller,Mackie VLZ1642 Pro Mixer, 5.1 Genelec monitor system (5x1030s + 7070 sub) for quad/surround live looping solo gigs and multi-channels recordings.
Looping Gear:Eventide H8000, Eventide Orville x 2, Eventide Eclipse, Eventide H3000D/SE, Lexicon PCM80, Electrix Repeater, Bel BDE-2400 Digital Delay, Roland DEP5.
Influences:ANYTHING !
Musical Style:Progressive Jazz!!!
Recordings Available:'ICHINEN' a cd project on digital processing applied to acoustic instruments, recorded at Rhytmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen, DK
'ITALO DE ANGELIS & FABRIZIO MANDOLINI' duo cd with EXTREME looping & processing tech. 'THE HIDDEN SOUND PROJECT' duo improvisation with guitarist Luca Formentini: a project on music made processing sounds made by sculptress Giovanna Gabusi while working. 'LIVE at KABALA' duo with gtrhead Roberto Zorzi.
Eventide Audio Preset Design Engineer.
Support/Forum available on: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eventidehelps

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