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Thomas W°hni
Projects/Ensembles:Redneck Aliens , Grav Bigband , Solvarme husdyr (now defunct)
Instruments:Guitar , tuba (not really , coz I bathed it and now one of the pipes are filled with water so one clef only makes it gurgle)
Drums (not really , but I do have fun with it.) Voice (sometimes I get lucky and sound just like Chet Baker , my hero)
Looping Gear:Lexicon Jamman and Vortex. And I have an annoying tendency to Repeat Myself When Under Stress , I repeat myself when under stress.
Influences:in no particular order:
John Abercrombie , Wes Montgomery , Bill Frisell , John Scofield
Nils Olav Johansen , Peter Gabriel , James Marshal Hendrix , Eivind Aarset, Ragnar Bjerkreim , Magne Rutle , Sonny Rollins
Jim Hall , Kenny Wheeler , Hans Zimmer , David Torn , Nile Rodgers
Musical Style:Jazz , which Im trying to move into a Trip Hop (?) soundlanscape.
I do the realbookstuff and modern free improv. I also work hard on Bigband Arranging and and writing for ensembles.
Recordings Available:not yet ; P. Gabriel wouldnt take my call.......:-)
As you all prolly know Im not good with technology. As opposed to most guys like
me I actually consider this a disadvantage , so I follow this list to learn.
Errr , lemme see.........I love tubes and analog but occasionally get into some digital stuff. My current wishlist is the Digitech whammy-pedal , and the Lovetone MEatball envelopefilter.

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