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William C Harrington
Location:Los Angeles, California
Phone Number:323 833-0946
Email Address(es):hd24p@earthlink.net
Website URL(s):http://www.myspace.com/williamcharrington
Projects/Ensembles:UEM - a duo whose core members are Will H and Andy Sykora. UEM performs original material. Though usually a duet, UEM has on occasion expanded to a sextet.
Instruments:Unison S100 soprano sax w/ Selmer metal mouthpiece 'E' w/ Rovner ligature and Francois Louis 3 reeds: Kawai K4, Roland VK-7, e-mu Classic Keys & Audity 2000, xaphoon, bombarde and lots of found objects
Looping Gear:Digitech Multi Play, Line 6 DL4, iBook G4 with Radial and The Kaiser Looper, Shure SM57 microphone
Influences:Louis & Bebe Barron, John Cage, Lol Coxhill, Ron Geesin, Pierre Henry, King Crimson, Roland Kirk, Steve Lacy, Pink Floyd, Krsystof Penderecki, Harry Partch, Soft Machine, Soulive, Karlhienz Stockhausen, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Raymond Scott, Weather Report, Robert Wyatt, Iannis Xenakis, Frank Zappa, Joe Zawinal
Musical Style:Electronic, Ambient, Freeform, Improv
Recordings Available:Urban Electronic Music / Angry Vegan, 2006
UEM Live , 2007
electro-music 2006 SAMPLER CD. - compilation
Power/Field compilation / Anarchymoon Recordings, 2007
Nuclear Menace / Tanatone, 2007
William Harrington was born in Yonkers, New York. By the time he was a sophomore in high school, he was working as a professional musician. While at Cal State, Dominguez Hills he studied composition, performance, electronic music, and prepared piano techniques with Richard B. Evans, who authored the classic book on John Cage, “The Well Prepared Piano.” He was also influenced by seminars with several composers including Nicholas Slominsky.

After leaving college he worked in the wholesale record industry for two years where he amassed a sizable collection of electronic and avant-garde recordings before going on tour. He worked as a keyboard technician for several bands including Gentle Giant, before beginning a three year working relationship with Frank Zappa - including three American tours, two European tours, spending several months in the studio working on the album 'Baby Snakes' and making a brief, credited appearance in Zappa's movie, 'Baby Snakes'. He was with Zappa in Paris when Pierre Boulez first visited.

Upon returning to LA, he attended the UCLA Extention Music Business course where he was awarded two NARAS scholarships. He studied record production with Nick Venet (producer of The Beach Boys, Creedence Clearwater and many others). His first cd, Urban Electronic Music, has received good reviews and airplay on NPR, college, and indie radio stations. In 2006, he was awarded a SUBITO grant by The American Composers Forum.

His first CD, Urban Electronic Music, was constructed using loops recorded over a 30-year period, analog and digital synthesis, as well as traditional instruments and found objects. It has received good reviews and airplay on NPR, college, and indie radio stations.

Recently, he has performed at The Ventura New Music Festival, electro-music 2006 (Philadelphia), Make Music New York, and appears in the indie film, 40 Bands in 80 Minutes.

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