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Noah Peterson
Location:San Antonio, TX
Phone Number:503-703-9516
Email Address(es):noah@noahpeterson.com
Website URL(s):www.noahpeterson.com
Projects/Ensembles:Solo Sax Sessions
Looping Gear:Boss RC-50, POG, Delay Pedal, Wah Pedal
Influences:too many....
Musical Style:Jazz, blues, Funk, R&B, Calypso, Bossa Nova, Samba, World Music, etc...
Recordings Available:Solo Sax Sessions: www.cdbaby.com/noahpeterson6
San Antonio Saxophonist, composer and loop station wizard weaves a web of magical, musical mayhem and more. Enjoy a customized, electrified, sax-a-loop-a-licious journey into the land of the groove. Leaving no effects behind, this on- the-fly observable orchestration performance is like watching your fried chicken dinner being cooked one item at time. Oh so delicious, oh so tantalizing with every greasy drumstick, every spoonful of slaw, every honey covered biscuit, every buttery green bean making the whole thing a hot mess of goodness. This one-man funk freak emits a sonic curtain of awesomeness so thick you’ll think you took a bath in maple syrup. Ballads so moving that Navy SEALS weep like school-girls. Latin tunes so groovy you’ll dislocate your hip. This show is not for those with weak hearts, bad lungs, small minds and simple chronic halitosis. If you need to uplift your soul, if you need to rejuvenate your spirit, if you need to get up for the down-stroke; this foot-stomping, disco’d-up sax-maniac is sure to leave you teased, pleased and begging for more.

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