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Location:Appleton, WI
Phone Number:612-251-3448
Email Address(es):mojo@mojoperry.net
Website URL(s):www.mojoperry.com
Projects/Ensembles:Mojo Perry Band
Instruments:Fender Stratocaster
Looping Gear:Only a fool would divulge the tools behind his craft. (smiling)
Plenty of Delays, Looping Pedals, and other rare modified pedals.
Influences:Roger Battisfore, Jimi Hendrix, Chris Duarte, Gabor Szabo, Enya, Ravi Shankar, Dove Dewey, amongst many more.
Musical Style:Blues Infused Psychedelic Rock
Recordings Available:Echoing Endlessly Inside My Head... (2009)
Closer To The Far Away (2004)
Bookmaker (2000)
The Man (1996)
A 21st Century Blues Man

The Founding Father of the 'Northern Sound', Mojo Perry is no stranger to the guitar. Starting at age five, he quickly graduated to performing in Taverns by the age 9. Standing out amongst other guitarists, most of whom were much older, he released his first full fledged recording at age 16. Even back then he wrote material that had his distinct finger prints and signature sound. Still, at such an young age, he was always found in a recording studio laying down tracks and perfecting his craft. Eventually, his first official Label Release came when he was 23. His Brainchild, the 'Wandering Gypsies', landed modest success with their record : 'The Man'. Spawning hits that are still drawing fresh ears, 'The Man' showed Mojo he could obtain his dreams. Setting off on his own path, he set out to discover his Music. Becoming a session guitarist in Chicago, he found himself thrust into the Blues circuit often backing up big names. He aggressively continued to hone is Art and eventually wound up with his Signature Sound. Calling it the 'Northern Sound', his first Solo recording, aptly titled 'Bookmaker' was released in 2000. 'Bookmaker' would prove to be a work horse for him and landed him in broader markets. Although he came from the Blues, Mojo fused Psychedelic Rock with extreme Acid Overtones in live performances. His recordings proved that it could effectively be caught on tape. Several songs on :Bookmaker' are still highly requested at shows and receive continual radio airplay. He then graduated to the Festival Circuit and shared stages with many musical peers that previously were never within his reach. Becoming a favorite on the festival circuit for his Psychedelic Guitar playing and passionate guitar licks, Mojo still had a Creative Path that he remained true to. His 2003 Release, 'Closer to the Far Away', made it very clear to new audiences and long time fans alike that he was Distinct and onto something very different. Managing to blend Art, Blues, Psychedelic Rock, with his unique style of Guitar Playing, Mojo finally hit pay dirt. National and International attention started to dawn on him and his Audience grew considerably. All the while, he performed his 'Northern Sound' and eventually caught the eyes and ears of Guitar Legend 'Chris Duarte', (Shrapnel Records). A friendship ensued, and Chris produced Mojo's most current endeavor. Bearing his normal fingerprints, 'Echoing Endlessly Inside My Head', once again shows Mojo's unique ability to reinvent himself. Proving to be a pioneer in the 'Guitar Looping' circuit, Mojo fuses Guitar Looping with his Blues Infused Psychedelic Rock: truly groundbreaking. Although he graduated to a larger market, Mojo still considers himself 'Underground'. Quoted in a 2008 interview in the 'Underground Times' he stated 'I come from the Underground. I will always be Underground. The day I recognize I am no longer Underground, then that's the day I will stop being a public Artist.' Many call him a Revolutionary in the Evolution of Blues: a 21st Century Blues Man.

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