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Casey Sweten
Location:Cabin John, MD
Email Address(es):caseysweten@hotmail.msn.com
Projects/Ensembles:Ave Doldra(my lonely noodling in my room band)
Instruments:guitar(snake, effectron & lazy),ebo ,sonar traps, bass, farfisa, sequential 6 track, casio cz 101, casiotone, drumatix,toy piano,
cello and others
Looping Gear:currently=dimension 12(it blows)and the internal in my SE-70 , I'm on a waiting list for an Oberheim Digital Pro
Influences:rollerskate skinny, spiritualized, to rococo rot, kriedler,tarwater,oval,bowery electric, kid loco, cornelius, 60s pschadelic( os mutantes, later left bank, early pink floyd ect.), I'm a big new wave dork:New Order,Gary Newman,Echo and the Bunnymen and especially early OMD, Kraut rock(Neu, Amaan Dhul,CAN, Faust...), I was a pretty deep into the whole shoe gazer thing in the early 90s: Galaxie 500, I saw MBV in 92 and was quite a fan for a while, Spacemen 3 and of course Bowie, VU and the Rolling Stones
Musical Style:Hopefully versatile, alot of sleepy-ambient stuff, but I try to keep my self open.
Recordings Available:a big ass pile of 4-tracks you'll never hear
I'm originally from Oklahoma, and between there and Texas, oddly enough there was quite a scene for guitar psychadelic bands(suppose the Flaming Lips are to blame). Anyway, I have seen alot of different methods for 'guitar as synthesis' and picked up quite a bit. Between that and constant recording I feel I've gained a good sense of composition for abstract textural guitar composition. Hopefully I'll get off my ass and have something to show you soon.

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