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il bols
Location:salem, oregon
Phone Number:503 391 2613
Email Address(es):ilbols@yahoo.com
Website URL(s):http://iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/il_bols/
Projects/Ensembles:il bols vs. series-duo projects with selected artists in various styles
il bols - menu of friends
Instruments:custom made fretted and fretless basses by BLUNT instruments maui
fretless fender basses
fretted ibanez basses
custom 9 string slide bass
Fretless Warwick four string
Looping Gear:1 Roland space echo RE-101
2 Roland space echo RE-150
a line 6 DL4
various boss sampling delays
TDK loop tapes 6 min, 3 min, 1 min, and 30 sec. used with
a tascam 424 with a switchable on/off erase head
Influences:Charles mingus, santana, pink floyd, John Paul Jones, william moore, george martin, bill laswell, david hamma, tori F, there was this guy when i was little i barely remember....
mori seiki-horizontal mill, willson-3 spindal flatbed mill, yam lathes, mazak palletech and Haas milling centers
Musical Style:manufacturing, organic
Recordings Available:il bols vs. k nibbit -- half hour of impromptu creations featuring seattle recording artist k nibbit
Dismembered - one to four -- four tracks featuring members of the Country Hicks from Outer Space
il bols, modesto trenta and three man journey -- compleat repitition and feed back showcaseing what a Roland Space Echo is all about.
William Moore and il bols vs. Time. six tracks of two men struggling with the forces of time.
William Moore and il bols - 'oh! hey!'
William Moore and il bols - 'three songs for the money'
im always looking for people to play and perform with. email me or call for availability and show dates.
il bols

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