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Location:lincoln, nebraska
Email Address(es):debeatz@hotmail.com
Website URL(s):http://mic_stutter.tripod.com
Projects/Ensembles:stutter_ascii klu_ein stable_optic_nebula
Instruments:roland juno 60_yamaha pk50_casio sk1_casio sk5_wurlitzer 4040_yamaha drums_tape_boss dr202
Looping Gear:boss sp202_acid 2.0_cakewalk pro audio 9_cakewalk sonar v1_fruityloops 3.3
Influences:richard d. james_tom jenkinson_eric satie_john cage_not breathing_autechre_boards of canada_the rephlex crew_meat beat manifesto
Musical Style:electronic/experimental/ambient/tape dub/manipulated piano
Recordings Available:01_the killing ep
03_tonal attack
Recording in my room, I sit staring at a blank screen. The melody follows along as I listen to Jack Dangers ramble on and on about how 'Mars Needs Women' and how my life is filled with nothing more than physical presence.

Physical presence on my computer, in my mind, everywhere. Experimentalism is my project. I plan to over-use & oversimplify my ideas into your mind. Whoever you may be... know one thing, 'the only thing that I know, is that I know nothing'. You must be fooling yourself all the time, aren't you? I can't express any feeling towards anything, because I don't know true feeling.

My experiments in music may very well be called 'crap' or 'shit' or 'poop' or 'poo' or 'piss' or 'stutter' or '...' who knows... this is for you to classify & you to listen to. Downloading music, wasn't it tested? Who ever knew that it would corrupt all these fucking communist musicians trying to sound all the same & make the same 7-figure dollar amount. I fucking hate words. Words corrupt the mind.

I leave you now.

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