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Ben Powell
Location:Bangor, North Wales, UK
Email Address(es):bollox@beer.com
Website URL(s):http://www.mp3.com/mank
Projects/Ensembles:Mank : me, myself and I, and my toys.
working with the chain tape mailing list
Instruments:Ibanez and Fender Guitars, Cheep Basses, Violin, Sony Minidisc 4 Track, Marshall 50W Combo, Digitech RP1, Lexicon Alex, Atari ST and most importantly a P200.
Looping Gear:The RP1 and Alex (both with a whopping 1.5 secs) and various bits of software.
Influences:The Orb, The Warp Records family, Eno, Fripp, Budd, Future Sound Of London, Death In Vegas and any kind of rythem.
Musical Style:Ambient water swelling up to an intense pot of boiling noise and cooled down to simmer.
Recordings Available:Plenty of stuff on my website.
Became disillusiond with playing guitar in metal bands when I realised that everyone else in the world was doing the same. Got a four track and started experementing with backwards reverb and ping pong delays about 95. Next came the Atari ST with a whopping 4M of ram and a sampler package which I still use today. After the recent explosion of PC software the obvious happened.

I make music for my pleasure, there simply isn't anything like my stuff around so I have to make it.

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