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Location:Raleigh North Carolina
Email Address(es):roostersmith@hotmail.com
Website URL(s):http://www.roostersmith.com
Projects/Ensembles:Currently working as a solo musician. My latest project consists of a three song EP relating to characters from Lord of The Rings. It's a cross between heavy metal and Engima (new age).
Instruments:Guitars consist of PRS, Jackson, Gibson, Sonotas, and Dean. I also employ a roland D-50, ARP odyssey, SC prophet 600 and split-8. Bass is Rickenbacker 4003. Guitars run through a POD, and various other pedals. Synths run through quadraverb,wami-box.
Looping Gear:My current setup is the Line6 DL4 and Space echo 201 mainly though I add other effects to regenerate various layers. the other units running are boss dd-3, boss dm-2, Morley echo, and a quadraverb.
Influences:Too many to list. Guitar wise would be Frank Marino and Jan Akkerman. Sound wise Enigma has grab my attention with the ethereal sound layering. For the heavy crunch stuff Judas Priest, Godsmack, Megadeth, and KMFDM. For looping Howie Day.
Musical Style:Heavy guitar with new age backdrop. Jazz and Blues.
Recordings Available:MP3's on IUMB.com and roostersmith.com. They are being re-recorded currently. CD in October.
My setup is geared more for recording. Live I run a Zoom 234 for the drums/bass, and old mmt-8 sequencer for addition midi layering of the keyboards, and my guitar runs through the pod, flanger, and all of the delays ending with the DL4 for overdubing loops. For added effect for I use a talk box and regerate it in reverse then drop the loop to half speed. This creates an extremely weird effect. The looping technique is based on Howie Day's setup.

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