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Rob W Jackson
Location:Cambridge, England
Email Address(es):me@robwjackson.com
Website URL(s):http://www.robwjackson.com
Projects/Ensembles:Solo performer. I also have a band, but we don't use loops.
Instruments:Custom Fender Telecaster with b-bender.
Looping Gear:Volume pedal -) Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro -) Gibson Goldtone GA-15RV combo.
Influences:Bill Frisell, Daniel Lanois, Michael Brook, Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew.
Musical Style:Laid-back celtic meets country, 'atmospheric, dynamic and evocative instrumental pieces' - GUITARIST magazine.
Recordings Available:12-track CD - 'Wire, Wood & Magnets' available from the website and http://www.cdbaby.com ($14). MP3s and RA also available from the site.
For live work, I prefer a really simple setup without any effects. My material is quite basic from a loopers perspective compared to most of the folks round here, as it's based on strongly defined melodies, harmonies and structures more than ambient textures. However, when I recorded the album, I got the pedals out and had some fun!

Only just recently upgraded (April 2001) to the Gibson EDP after using the Akai Headrush for about a year. All current recordings are based on a two Headrush rig. I hope to make available, a recording of an entire gig at The Royal Albert Hall in London where I used the EDP for the very first time live either on CD or as MP3s from the website.

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