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Aron Bron NTRNL
Phone Number:no cell
Email Address(es):aronbron@gmail.com
Website URL(s):www.myspace.com/ntrnl
Instruments: Steinberger GSX Scepter Guitar/bass with modified 12 volt ac active EMG pickups. Graphite neck with a lacewood body, transtrem with a headstock. Incredible Sustain. Perfect intonation forever.
My Screaming Scepter.

Looping Gear: ZOOM GFX8 - floorboard effects, mono line into a:
Lexicon Vortex with full floor controls, Midi slaved to and mono line inot a:
Lexicon Jam Man - upgraded chipset, full floor control, Midi slaved to, and mono line in to a:
ZOOM RT323 24-bit Drum Machine - full floor control, midi master, mono line out to a single
Mackie SRM450 powered monitor.
The gear all fits on a music stand and sits next to the monitor and the floorboard for quick performances anywhere, anytime.
T.A.Z. Arizona style.
Influences:Bill Laswell, Steve Tibbetts, Ozric Tentacles, Eddie Van Halen, Maynard Keenan, Miles Davis, Hakim Bey, Alexander Jablokov, Marcus Aurelius, Lao Tzu, Tony Levin, Tony Williams, Jonas Hellborg, Nicky Skopelitis, Primus, Fugazi, Aphex Twin, Autechre, the Orb, Bjork
Musical Style:PROTO-ROCK, universal fusion, space art rock, science fiction movie soundtrack, post prog, fine art rock
Recordings Available:A4 one-take sessions with J Farrell and H Cubel at Conservatory in AZ
Wind by Aron Bron
ABCD by Aron Bron
NTRNL live at Hollywood Alley 2007
Aron Bron NTRNL
Bron Park Jam Camp and Antelope Jackrabbit Sanctuary
Concho and Tempe, AZ

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