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Antonio Saetta
Location:Palermo, Italy
Email Address(es):antoniosaetta@altavista.net
Instruments:Heritages, Strat, Howard Roberts Fusion thru' a Peavey Blues Classic. An SPX90II, a MicroverbII...Morley volume pedal, an EBow and some fuzzes
Looping Gear:Jamman (could'nt find any old RDS8000)
Influences:Bill Frisell, David Torn, The Police, Michael Hedges, Eric Satie, Mahler 5th Symphony!
Musical Style:Good question, good question...
Recordings Available:Sorry: the killer left no trace!
What about real-time manipulation of loops (some HAL9000 effects) like Bill Frisell does?
I think he's one of the main looper in the world, just because he's not a maniac, he's just a genius!
Well: loops are great, but they can be really, really boring (ask my mother)!
So be careful.

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