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Email Address(es):mihi@mihirangi.com
Website URL(s):www.mihirangi.com
Instruments:Vocals, Beat-Boxing, Guitar, Percussion, Taonga Puoro, Hand Sonic, Drum Machines
Looping Gear:Roland RC 50
Musical Style:Soul World Roots Reggae Beats
Recordings Available:Kulcha Nation - Mihirangi LP
No War - Mihirangi EP
Moemoea Reka - Mihirangi EP
Mihirangi’s astonishing show has captured and mesmerized audiences both nationally and internationally, becoming a touring favorite with her unique sound. She has performed with Public Enemy, Arrested Development, Sly and Robbie, Michael Franti and Lee Scratch Perry.

Singing in both Maori and English and dubbed the 'Maori Princess of Funk' & the 'Queen of Loops', Mihirangi creates her own band sound live in front of her audience. Utilizing a loop pedal, the key to her music is the layering of her own vocal sounds. From the foundation of earth-shaking bass lines to intricately layered harmonies, rhythmic ‘ska’ chops, sensuous jazzy riffs and beat boxing – it’s all done with the power of her voice, an incredible vocal range and an exceptional talent for timing, rhythm and dynamic tonality.

A multi-instrumentalist Mihirangi also plays percussion, keyboards, guitar and Taonga Puoro (traditional Maori instruments). She is joined on stage with DJ Katch and Tony McCall from the Resin Dogs adding drums, cuts, scratches and samples supplying a high level of energy to Mihirangi’s already lively beat-boxing & percussion laced shows.

Appealing to audiences around the world her persuasive lyrics play out her concerns for indigenous, environmental and spiritual issues. An activist and dream-weaver Mihirangi has performed at 'Power to the Peaceful' to an audience of 60,000 in San Francisco and was the guest performer at the Sea Shepherd Conservation Societies 30th Anniversary Benefit in Santa Monica to an audience of fellow international artist-activists including The Dixie Chicks, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pierce Brosnan and Martin Sheen.

Mihirangi is all grrrrrrl power – commanding and conscious, humorous and carefree, her powerful message and music is hypnotic and provocative.

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