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Patrick Smith
Location:PO Box 5364
Takoma PARK, MD 20913 USA
Email Address(es):patrick@his.com
Website URL(s):http://www.fingerpaint.net
Projects/Ensembles:FingerPaint, Solaris Guitar Trio
Instruments:Guitar, Hand Percussion
Looping Gear:Jam Men, Oberheim Echoplexi, Digitech RDS8000, Vortex, Eventide H300D/SE, TC Fireworx, TC G-Force, Matrix 6r, Matrix 1000, Doepfer MS404, SHERMAN Flterbank, Omnichord, and much much more....and then of course guitars.......
Influences:Mom, Dad, Bill wilson, Joann Malone, Fripp, Eno, Mike Vargas, Derek Bailey, Thich Nhat Han, Robert Motherwell, Steev Geest...and most of the people, places, events that Ihave encountered.....
Musical Style:Ambient Soundscapes as far as looping goes....
Recordings Available:Primary Colors: BLUE (CD)
In the Loop (CD)
Enormous Swirlin Sound (cassette)
The practice of music has continued to challenge me, enrich me, guide me and bring me peace. My hope is that my sonic offerings somehow make the world a better place.

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