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Jim Carter
Location:Bristol, UK
Phone Number:+44(0)117 9289934
Email Address(es):jim.carter@bris.ac.uk
Website URL(s):http://www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/Chemistry/Staff/jcarter.htm
Projects/Ensembles:Resin (space rock) - some looping
Sandy Brown & the Bad Boys (coutry rock)
- some looping to accompany spoken poetry!
current project - Dennis Plaxton String Quartet
(actually just two of us; me-guitars loops and sequences)
Instruments:Guitar looping:
Custom Tele (looks like a Tele/plays like a Les Paul)
a few pedals + the various bits listed below
'Dance' music (well someone might dance to it)
Korg Electribe EA-1 - analogue modelling synth/groovebox
Roland TR626 - 'classic' 80s rhythum machine
I've also got a Waldorf Pulse (mono synth) but that's
been 'round my friend house so long I've forgetten
about it (Hi Matt!)
Looping Gear:Echoplex DP, Lexicon MXP100, Boss SX700, Boss GX700, Boss DM3
(in order of available delay)
This all ties together through a Behringer 1602 mixer
with the EDP and SX on the AUX sends and the MXP in the mix insert
Influences:Crimson/Fripp and Torn
plus everyone from Allman Brothers to Zappa
Currently very inspired by John Ellis 'In Rhodt'
Musical Style:Sprawling abstract guitar soundscape(excesive use of distortion, pitch-shifters and reverb) overlaying synth sequences,
which sound a bit like Tangerine Dream and guitar lines
which are not just a little bit like 70's Fripp,
sometimes adding drum patterns a la Steve Reich 'Drumming'
(the overall 'style' was once christened TechnoTrashBlues)
Beginning to resolve two style as music - soundscape & techno
by separating rather than combining them.
My current project involves going to the pub with a bass/stick/KB player
and talking about what we'ed like to do.
It may not be music but is it art ...

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