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Skully Shakespeare
Location:Southern California, USA
Email Address(es):SkullyShakespeare@hotmail.com
Projects/Ensembles:None Currently
Instruments:Basses: Warwick Thumb 5, Musicman Sabre Fretless, Warwick Fortress
Guitars: Steinberger/Klein GK4T, Ibanez RG550
Synths/Samplers: Kurzweil K2000RS, Roland JV1080, Korg N1, Roland W-30, Ensoniq ESQ-1
Looping Gear:Software: Cubase, Soundforge, Acid
Effects: Line 6 DL4, Lexicon MPX1, Lexicon Vortex
Influences:Tony Levin, My Bloody Valentine, Fishbone, King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Bill Frisell, Slint, Tom Waits, Public Enemy, David Torn, Jane's Addiction, Tortoise, Parliament Funkadelic, Mr. Bungle, Gastr Del Sol, Stevie Wonder, Adrian Belew, Loop Guru, Pixies, Cocteau Twins, Marc Ribot, Bill Laswell, Soul Coughing, Mingus, Primus, Harold Budd, Massive Attack, White Zombie, John Coletrane, Robert Fripp, Ice Cube, Yoko Kanno, Mick Karn, Ornette Coleman, Ministry, Tool, Fela Kuti, Fugazi, Meshuggah, John Zorn, Butthole Surfers, Portishead... etc.
Musical Style:I have no style whatsoever.
Recordings Available:Nope

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