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James Murphy
Email Address(es):emjammurph@aol.com
Website URL(s):http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Nook/5977/
The experimental 2-piece VAUGHN is still a vague reality. It consisted of me on very cheap, very filthy (rhythm) guitar, distorted through whatever I can get my hands on, and Richard Lee, on cheap (lead) guitar. VAUGHN has now been superceeded by LJUBLIJANA. This band is the audible outpost of the magazine FAST EDITING where the words and images committed to the page serve to create a sonic post-historical landscape within the reader. Neither project (LJUBLIJANA/FAST EDITING) are conceivable without the other.
Cheap foil-covered guitar (helps to distort the information received by the pick-ups), PC, 909.
Looping Gear:
Re-Birth 1.5, and the modifications Technobox and Red Top by Massen. Soon to receive Re-Birth 2.0 [check out www.propellerheads.se]. Cry Baby Wah, Flanger and various Phasers.
Spacemen 3, and splinter factions, Darkside, Sonic Boom, Spiritualized, Experimental Audio Research, Spectrum. My Bloody Valentine. Also Kraftwerk and assorted Krautrock. Early UK acid such as Altern-8, Bizarre Inc, 808 State. The writings of Marx and Freud have also leant themselves heavily to the industrial development of the LJUBLIJANA aesthetic.
Musical Style:
Written. The music of Ljublijana is an attempt to transmit words and key passages of text to an audience via an instrumental medium. LJUBLIJANA's music is also heavily influenced by the imagery of 1930's Soviet Union and of the former Eastern Bloc.
Recordings Available:
Still unsure about the viability of committing aural tracts to posterity...

The LJUBLIJANA and FAST EDITING projects are an attempt to create critical theory out of sound waves. This notion takes the form of an art movement bearing the FAST EDITING name, that draws heavily on the concept of musical systems as a continuous language and with its own syntax and complex structure. Any wishing to contribute essays or pieces in any form to the journal FAST EDITING would be welcomed by the editorial panel on the email address above. London awaits...


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