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Location:Montreal Canada
Email Address(es):suzukikid@excite.com
Website URL(s):http://www.somethinginviting.com
Projects/Ensembles:SUZUKI KID (Maximum D N B)
SPACE CITY USA (Techno Noise Attack)
FROMAJET (Gas Music)
Looping Gear:DUAL 1236 Turntable Yamaha kx-230 Tape Deck KODAK PCD-850 Cd Player AKAI S612 Sampler Akai U4 Phrase Trainer BOSS GL-100 & ROD-10 Distortion
Influences:Sex Drugs Celtic Frost Stockhausen
Recordings Available:SPACE CITY - Spinning and Dying the Natural Way
SPACE CITY USA - Chromed - Raw Energy Records
SUZUKI KID - Doom Doom Doom - Something Inviting Records
SPACED OUT USA - Techno Noise Attack - Entartete Kunst R's
Hello, I am MAXIMUM DRUM N BASS DJ/Live Act SSKKK (called SUZUKI KID in english).
My newest recording (SUZUKI KID - Doom Doom Doom) is now available in many retail stores throughout America. Now I am looking for many connections all over the world,
if you please check out the SSKKK websites
http://www3.sympatico.ca/rorytate/scusa/Itv3.html &/or www.somethinginviting.com
contact: China White Communications (chinawhitecomm@excite.com) for live performance info and give your email/contact address('s) for updates.

Special Offer ! DJ:SSKKK will remix your song(s) for free with any mailorder of Doom Doom Doom!
just send your music/soundbites (on cd, tape, dat, floppy disc etc.)
you'll get your song back sounding better than ever on a tape
also I will archive it on CDR
send cheque or money order for/= $20 Canadian Funds to:
something inviting records - box 24172 London Ontario N6H 5C4 Canada
you get: 1 CD, Comic Bio, Stickers etc., includes ship. + hand.

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