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Steve Kuzminski
Location:Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Projects/Ensembles:Solo act: Glittering Generalities, Group act: BAg of Dicks aka Salvation Will
Instruments:Yamaha acoustic/electric 6 and 12 string.
Looping Gear:Guitar:Zoom 707 effects pedal, Line 6 Delay Modeler/looper, and Ebow. Vocals: Behringer UB802 Mixer, Boss GE 7, Boss CE-5, Boss DD-5 with footswitch for tap tempo, and Boss RC-20 Loop Station
Influences:Oasis, Howie Day, Third Eye Blind, Everclear, John Mayer, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam
Musical Style:Acoustic Rock/Folk
Recordings Available:4 song demo, if you would like one email me at Bad_habit_rock_star@hotmail.com

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