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Prang Ruin
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Email Address(es):prangruin@gmail.com
Website URL(s):http://prangruin.bandcamp.com/
Projects/Ensembles:prang ruin, walter demonik, clown school, The Cloud Chamber.
Instruments:electronics, cd players, SP-404, mixing desk, FX pedals/units, e-drums & percussion & a Zoom Handy (for field recordings).
Looping Gear:1 SP-404, 2 American Audio cd players & various Digital Delay pedals & units.
Influences:Can, Philip Jeck, Joseph Hammer, Nurse With Wound, Gus Coma,
Daphne Oram, Spacemen 3, Stars of the Lid, Kluster, Suicide,
David Toop, Technical Space Composers Crew, Harmonia,
Gamelan Music, Musique Concrete.
Musical Style:Concrete Ambient Noise, Drone & (Hypnotic) Sound Collage.
Recordings Available:'Drown', 'Sketch For Noise EP', & 'Slumberland' by Prang Ruin :
'Zool Rules', 'EP Chamni', & 'Build a Fire' By Walter Demonik :
'Wires EP' by Clown School :
I'm a sound artist from Dublin, Ireland. I make music that mostly deals with tones, drones & the abstraction of sound, rhythm & pulse . . . rather than conventional notation, key & melody. I record solo as Prang Ruin, an increasingly loop based project. My original solo recordings were put out as Walter Demonik. I also collaborate with various local musicians in Clown School & The Cloud Chamber, as well as participating in various Filesharing collaborations. I try to put my recordings up for free download & circulate limited edition CD-R's too. As a result of this, I've set up Editions/Prang Ruin as a kind of workshop/netlabel to release all my collaboration & solo projects that don't get released on other netlabels. I play live too.

Stephen Mc Cann.

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