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Nic Roozeboom
Location:San Jose, California USA
Email Address(es):nicroozeboom@hotmail.com
Website URL(s):http://home.pacbell.net/adrian_c/fractal.html
Projects/Ensembles:Fractal - Strange, complex music
Instruments:Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Custom with Roland GK-IIa; Levinson Blade RH-4 (a fine very instrument indeed). Amplification by Trace Elliot. Digital Signal Processing by Line-6: POD Pro (which also provides a few seconds of loop delay). Alien noises, glitches, glossy string ensembles and scentless farts by Roland GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer. Yamaha Motif 6 synthesizer.
Looping Gear:Line-6 POD Pro, DL-4 Delay Modeler, and an Electrix Repeater as of recently (though not featured on any recordings yet). The Motif has an integrated sampling sequencer, which I intend to put to good looping use yet.
Influences:Ambient temperature, the ready availability of nutrition and shelter, plus whether or not a good night's sleep was enjoyed.
Musical Style:I absorb and shamelessly copy sounds, modes and methods from Robert Fripp, may he be spared the knowledge thereof. I also admire Pat Metheny, Mike Stern and Allan Holdsworth but that doesn't mean I can pretend to play like them to any extent.
Recordings Available:Fractal, the band I play with, records their rehearsals frequently and posts them on the site. My favorite looping track so far is http://www.london-below.net/~adrianc/fractalhome/Prime/02.quiet_sleep.mp3, the name of the track being Return of the Prime PtI - A Quiet Sleep. (Download only if not expecting any important phonecalls soon.)
First looping device: Boss DD-2, that was in nineteen-eighty-what?

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