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kenny robertson
Location:dallas texas, america
Phone Number:none
Email Address(es):spikesenraged@yahoo.com
Website URL(s):none
Projects/Ensembles:solo work/velvet elvis(instrumental mathrock)/anthem/
Instruments:HH black out telecaster guitar,peavey 'triumph 600' 2 by 15'.
boss RC-20 loop station.
boss Reverb/delay pedal.
boss overdrive pedal.
Looping Gear:specified above
Influences:interpol,DON CABALLERO,explosions in the sky, mogwai,paul newman, early modest mouse,joy division,cursive,thursday,OXES,Underworld.
Musical Style:in my solo endevours, anything goes. usually stick to a mathrock method. playing with time signatures and layers. using jazz style chords and progressions. (refrence prog rock also)..
in my two bands...

velvet elvis is more of a rock orientated band lots of distortion with a somewhat 'verse chorus verse' song writing technique. if you crossed At the Drive- in with Cursive, youde find a decent match.

i drum AND play guitar in velvet elvis depending on teh song.
tehre are only two people. me and the otehr musician take turns at vocals and guitar and drums.

anthem is highly newwave influenced. at first we were sort of a Interpol Tribute band. but it was short lived and me and the drummer and 2nd guitarist have been writing our own material for quite some time now.

i have a few other things im working on but they shouldnt be mentioned considering tehre lack of looping involved.
Recordings Available:nothing has been released yet.

im still pawning off a few demos to record labels. noone seems intrested.

i guess im not poppy enough.
be on the look out.

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