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Wes Kennison's Loopy Pill
Location:Baton ROuge, La
Email Address(es):wesleykennison@yahoo.com
Website URL(s):http://www.wesleykennison.com
Projects/Ensembles:Wes Kennison's Loopy Pill(solo with electronic assistance)
K-Flux(Mando, Guitar, Vocals)
Manitou Assembly(Drums)
Instruments:1992 Telecaster(Buzz Feitenized)
Fender 8-string Mandolin(Acoustic\Electric)
Kentucky four string electric mando(hot rodded w\Bartolini blade style pick up)
Looping Gear:The somewhat compromising Boss RC-20. Plus an array of effects including:
Arion Octave
Boss DD-6
Guyatone SD-1
Boss DigiVerb
Dr. Zoom Rythmtrak 234(drum and percussion)
plus a GR-33 to be added in the near future
Influences:On the looping tip, Phil Keaggy made the biggest impact. Also John Scofield, Drew Emmit, Umphrey's McGee, Soundgarden, Jeff Sipe, Adam Deitch, Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, and the countless crappy pop musicians over the years.
Musical Style:Organic-electro-funky-psychodelic-new-wavish-groovy-meanderings
Recordings Available:Shows available at archive.org/audio
Audio clips soon at URL
In an effort to own the magic that is creativity in sonic motion, I've put together a loop show. THe idea is to have things in my musical terms, without the burden of having to communicate a musical idea to other band mates through something so bland as words. I use the above mentioned tools to do a spur of the moment, one man show that is entirely engaging and contagious. I've wanted to do this for quite some time now and am really just starting the trek. Enjoy my site (wesleykennison.com YOu must type it in the address bar as the link feature seems to be malfunctioning) and watch for me at a bar near you(if you live near me).

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