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Alex Martínez
Location:Guadalajara, México
Email Address(es):alexmartinez7@hotmail.com
Website URL(s):http://www.mp3.com/Alex_Martinez
Projects/Ensembles:Era Verluz, Aleph, Doble Densidad, several recordings as a guest with different artists and solo projects since 2 years from now.
Instruments:Guitars, PC, several effect pedals & processors, Ebow.
Looping Gear:Lexicon Jam Man & Vortex and Line 6´s DM4 Delay modeler.
Influences:A lot, and almost everyday I´m lucky to find a new one, either people, movies or... music.
Musical Style:You decide that.
Recordings Available:Check out my website: http://www.mp3.com/Alex_Martinez
I´m a musician who tries to create different colors and atmospheres mainly with the use of guitar sounds, I´ve been playing guitar since 12 years from now and started to get into live-looping 5 years ago with a Digitech GSP-2101 that I used to own and also at that time I started to get into music programming on the computer. I´ve been through several stages on which I´ve completely stopped from music playing only to months or years later come back again and reinvent myself, the most recent stage started in mid 2000 and it´s the one on which I´ve been the most pleased with... until now.

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