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Eric Kiefer
Location:USA - The fields and plains... The oceans and cities... The Here and Now...
Website URL(s):www.erickiefer.webs.com
Projects/Ensembles:Eric Kiefer and the Pancake Massacre
Instruments:Breedlove 12 string acoustic/electric, Takamine EG540C 6 string acoustic/electric, Gibson Les Paul, Dean 5 string bass, Boss effects pedals, assorted percussion paraphanalia and freek gear
Looping Gear:Boss RC-50
Influences:KELLER WILLIAMS, Phish, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Beck, CSNY, Dylan
Musical Style:Folk-Funk-Political-Acoustic-Rock
Recordings Available:DebutFull Length, 'The Spectre and the Dozer' available at CDBaby.com and on website!
Eric Kiefer – Folk-Funkster, Songwriter and One-Man Band

Often described as the leader of a band of invisible musicians, Eric Kiefer is rapidly establishing himself as one of the most eclectic, thought-provoking and entertaining performers to ever man a loop station. With sets ranging from mellow-cool acoustic jams to mind-blowing, sonic experiments, this modern troubadour is truly a versatile and inimitable performer.

His one-man-band style of loop synchronization is a lot like watching a theatrical act; Kiefer’s shows will often have him playing guitar, bass and keyboards, looped over one another all at once in an animated medley that music lovers of all backgrounds can enjoy. Fans attending his shows can expect a mix of incomparable originals, from the powerfully political “Socialist Revolution”, to the tongue-in-cheek, college-circuit hit, “Groin Ship.” Also thrown into the mix are some diverse and uniquely-played covers, which run the gamut from the Beatles to Bob Marley to Pink Floyd.

He’s played at various bars and venues- such as The Crossroads in New Jersey, the Purple Moon Pub in Vermont, and the Red Light Café in Atlanta - and funk-folked countless street corners, open mics and living rooms across the country.

Fresh on the heels of his 2010 debut full-length CD, “The Spectre and the Dozer”, Kiefer can currently be seen plying his trade in the Bay Area of California, occasionally collaborating with a rotating cast of poets, musicians and art freeks.

Press Contact: Eric Kiefer, erickieferemail@gmail.com

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