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Andrew Pearson
Phone Number:973 600 0278
Email Address(es):pulpgen@gmail.com
Website URL(s):www.thethirdinternational.com
Projects/Ensembles:Third International (3 piece blues/techno/groove)
Instruments:4 guitar synths. One custom Stratocaster w/Seymour Duncans and GK-3, one Agile-335 w/TV Jones and GK-3, One Fender Scorpion w/ TV Jones, Seymour Duncan and GK-3 pickups,one Rickenbacker 12 w/GK-3 One Roland GR-9 synth patched to a KORG TR-Rack. Guitar signals processed through a Siberian Music 'Klon' preamp amd a LIne 6 POD rackmount through an APHex expander and into Mackie Thumps (2, w/15s). Delays by TC Helicon. Vocal processing by TC Helicon MIcs by RODE, Neumann and AKG. One Yamaha FG-180 acoustic guitar (1966)
Looping Gear:Oberheim and Gibson Echoplexes. Pro Tools 9.
Influences:Hendrix, Dylan, Syd Barret, Bowie, Pink Floyd, Radiohead.
Lotsa blues guys (Freddie King, Muddy Waters Robert Johnson etc)
Musical Style:Own.
Recordings Available:Beautiful Accident (7 song CD released January '11 available on ITunes, CDBaby, etc)
Desperately need a tech to build me a custom loop unit loosely based on the 'Plex. Need ROADWORTHY, 24 bit, stereo unit capable of selectively stripping layers (not just the top one as in the 'undo' function. Must retain the partitioning ability of the 'PLex and MIDI sync capability. Need more memory (about 10X a bored out 'Plex), world class processors and also with two outs so that a through signal and a loop signal can be attenuated separately. In lieu of this, a footpedal that performs the 'mix' function on the 'Plex would do.
Need two units w/ associated footswitches.
Will pay what you need .

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