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(( DON D NADA ))
Location:monsieur duson
68 rue REBEVAL
Phone Number:0142454205
Email Address(es):monsieurduson@free.fr
Website URL(s):http://monsieurduson.com/
Projects/Ensembles:DON D NADA
monsieur DuSon
La malle magique de Monsieur Duson
Instruments:guitars : tacoma tenor 12 strings, taylor baby, Small yamaha ac10 and AEX 500, takamine New Yorker, Seagull S6, Fender Strotocaster 74, Koppo Custom 6 and 9 strings, Korg Karma,Tourist Bouzouki, Ukulélé Martin 1935,Russian domra, Cajon, Melodica, complete recording studio...
Looping Gear:2880 Electro harmonix
Influences:Latin music, Lenine, Curtis Mayfield, Afro Beat...
Brian Eno, Erik Satie, Paris streets sounds...
Musical Style:DON D NADA : Mix of Afro and Caribbean rhythms and a melodic Spanish soul, with Latin, reggae. Funk and electronica influences.
A “musical tale,” born in a multicultural neighborhood in Paris, has a lot going on : an androgynous voice with expressive vocal slides, heady melodies, original rhythmic inventions, and above all a varied repertoire that runs the gamut from melancholy introspection to an all-out party groove'
Monsieur DuSon : Organic Ambiant and african old grooves based on vocals and guitars loops
Recordings Available:DON D NADA 'LEJOS DE PARIS' Atoll Music France
Monsieur Duson : mp3 available Web Site
Monsieur Duson also Sound Designer and Composer for :

Art In General (NYC) video Virginie Balabaud, Guy Peellaert Exibit : MEP 2003 - La Beauté en Avignon 2000, Véolia Environnement - Site Planet Nemo - Evénementiel GS1 - Radio Sot Pigier - Encyclopaedia Universalis 2006 - Ring tones HIFI Sagem - Novotel Paris - Via Michelin - TF1 - Renaud etc...

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