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Mwanza Nyerere Dover
Phone Number:940 891 0716
Projects/Ensembles:Former member of Mazinga Phaser and Musik Von Tone Float,
Currently in The Falcon Project and The Wild Bull
Instruments:Guitar,Tenor Saxophone,PC Computer,Sampler,Bass Guitar,
Looping Gear:Cubase,Akai S2000,Yamaha QY70,Reel to Reel tape player,Digitech Studio 400,Pro Tools(When I have access),walkman
Influences:Holger Czukay(Can),Sonic Boom(Spectrum),Tricky,Morton Subotnick,Steve Reich,John Coltrane,Terry Riley ,Laika,Kraftwerk,Squarepusher,Kevin Shields(MBV),Robert Hampson,Paul Schutze,Brian Eno,pre-'75 Klause Schulze,Sam Rivers,Tortoise
Musical Style:Some call it Space Rock,Psyche Rock, or Texas tinged Krautrock
Others call it Electro-Acoustic,musique' concrete,or ambient
I call it Sonic Soular Music.
It really depends on what project I'm playing with or working on.
Recordings Available:MAZINGA PHASER-Cruising the Neon Glories of the New American Night(CD-Womb Tunes,Lp-Aether), Abandinallhope(Idol)
MUSIK VON TONE FLOAT-Musik Von Tone Float(Timohy's Brain)
THE FALCON PROJECT-The Revenge of Sonic Soular(Idol)
THE WILD BULL-Return To Holy Mountain:The Imaginary Soundtrack(Cassette only-Phase One)

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