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Gunnar Backman/ Brak(E)man
Email Address(es):brakophonic@tyfonmail.se
Website URL(s):http://www.brakophonic.com
Projects/Ensembles:BAP ! , Thors Hammer, Tinnitus Therapi Trip,Wonka , Noshörning, Paban Das Baul/Jonny Wartel, Christy O'Leary & Bert Deivert - Song's Sweet Caress,David Härenstam- What Happened in Fremantle? ( featuring Sophie Moleta) and much more
Instruments:6,12, String Fretted and Fretless Virtual Guitar Yggdrasil (http://www.nevbornguitars.com/) , Live Loops,Fretted and Fretless, 6,12,String Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Synths, Delays, Holds, Live Samples, and more.
Looping Gear:Lexicon Jamman, Electrix Repeater, GigaDelay DD-20, Logelloop
Musical Style:music based on sounds and live loops, live samples and live delays.
Chopping Wood
Recordings Available:Cds can be heard in full length (most of them anyway) [WMA]
order CDs at http://www.brakophonic.com/ordercd.html
'Gunnar Backman Swedish based fretted and fretless Virtual guitarist, producer, technician, composer, arranger, and musician. Gunnar says this about his own music. 'I play more and more free form music based on sounds and live loops, live samples and live delays. I have also written classical pieces, such as an organ concert that had its premiere in St. Petersburg, Russia.
I have also written choir works, string quartet chamber music, filmscores etc.' Gunnar is presently working on a number of studio projects where his groups, Tinnitus Therapi Trip and Tors Hammare are playing a major part. He is also doing a number of projects for independent bands as producer, recording engineer, and mastering engineer. We really do recommend a visit to his website, Brakophonic.com'

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