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Chris Muir
Location:San Francisco
Email Address(es):cbm@well.com
Website URL(s):http://www.xfade.com
Projects/Ensembles:Lunar Asylum
The Yo Miles Band
Zen Disaster
Instruments:Guitar-like objects
- Steinbergers
- Parker
- Guilds
- G&L
- Fernandes
- Taylor
- Breedlove
- Many Distortion Sources, & Tone Shapers

Synth-like objects
- (many; current fave is Waldorf Microwave XT)

Misc MIDI controllers
- Buchla Thunder & Lightning
- DrumKat
- Yamaha G-50
- EMu LaunchPad
- Peavey PC-1600
- MIDI footswitches and pedals
Looping Gear:Echoplex Digital Pro, Eventide DSP-4000, Max w/ MSP, Korg D-8000, and a few more time-based goodies.
Musical Style:Plaids, Polka-dots, Stripes, Checks, and Houndstooth in a blender.
Recordings Available:CD: 'Yo Miles' (w/ Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith) on Shanachie
I used to want to be a well-rounded musician. Thank God I got over that. Now I'm perfectly happy that I can't play chords for very long without hurting my left hand. This lets me concentrate on single note stuff, drones, and splats.

I used to work at GWIZ w/ Kim Flint, but unfortunatly I got there too late to influence the Echoplex, other that my constant whining about stereo sync.

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