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Martin Tauchen
Email Address(es):Pohon-Kelapa@t-online.de
Projects/Ensembles:Martin Tauchen /Solo Improvisations with the full equipment

MT-String vs.DJSniper:A Duo,reduced equipment in a sonic 'battle'
with DJSniper,Mostly on Raves or Technoparties

Extraction-Zone : Prog-Rock-Cover-Band
Instruments:Chapman Stick;Fernandes Sustainerguitar,bass,mandolin

Midiexpander:YamahaVL1m,EnsoniqEPS16R+,KawaiK5m(2*),Casio VZ10m
Roland GI10-GuitartoMidiconverter
Looping Gear:2*Digitech Dimension12,ART Quadra/FX,DigitechDSP128,Alesis MidiverbII,BehringerModulizerPro,KawaiMX8SR-submixer,Fostex280

Influences:contemporary Life electronic,Hugh Davies,G.M.Koenig,serial music,
Robert Fripp,David Torn,Frank Zappa...
Musical Style:Contemporary electronic life improvisation with 50%serialism,25%
Rock,15% Jazz and 10%harmonic life research...
ehhhh...how to explain it better ? Sorry !
Recordings Available:Formula Yellow (selfpublished CD) -Sold out-
Red Stage (selfpublished CD) -Sold out-
Live Formula (selfpublished CD) -only a handful left
My main music interest is in the contemporary music-especially the serialism of the
50ths,looping is done in live improvisations,50% with written material and 50% of
pure improvisation-depending on the venue and the mood.
During looping,the rhythmical and harmonic interaction is more necessary as the
sounds of the ToneExpanders.
After ten years of continous work,I decided to slow down a bit.So concerts are now
seldom !

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