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Location:Pittsburgh PA
Phone Number:412 478-7756
Email Address(es):antone@mrsmalls.com
Website URL(s):http://www.Innerchild.biz
Projects/Ensembles:Performances with various Dj's, I've played with many groups including Rusted Root, Jon Fishman, Yves Jean Band, Flowdown, Ouve, Margalit and the Liquitones, Liz Berlin Band, and many others
Instruments:Roland Hand Sonic, KP2, PowerMac G4 laptop, Guitar, Boomerang Phrase Sampler, Oxygen 8 Midi Controller, various world percussion instruments, and vocals
Looping Gear:4 channel mixer, Hand Sonic Drum machine, Kaoss Pad2, Oxygen8 Midi Controller running Reason on a PowerMac G4 Laptop, all running into a Boomerang Phrase Sampler.
Influences:House Dj's, D&B Dj's, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Jeff Buckley, Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, The Police, Tabla Beat Science(Zakir Hussain, Bill Laswell, Karsh Kale), my surroundings, and many others
Musical Style:Deep, Dark, Ambient, Abstract, Sexy, Funk, Soul, Scratch, Grooves
Recordings Available:Liz Berlin 'Audiobiographical', Yves Jean Band 'Been Many Days Empty', Mayu (Japanes recording artist)(Mayudreams.com), Magalit and the Liquitones, Cultivator, im currently working on a solo recording.
I've been playing Percussion for 11 years with various bands and Dj's. I'm excited to embrace new technologies and looping gear to create unique and inspiring music. I'm hungry to play out more and develop my abilities to engage audiences. Contact me if you can feed me.

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