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Location:Germany, Cologne
Email Address(es):chris@christojota.de
Website URL(s):www.christojota.de
Projects/Ensembles:Christo Jota (guitar loop - solo performance)
Zeitloop (band / not active at the moment)
Instruments:Fender Telecaster Custom Guitar, Micro-Korg Synthesizer
Looping Gear:Boss DD 20, Boss RC 50 Loopstation
Influences:Robert Fripp, Michael Rother, Steve Hillage, Wes Montgomery,
Tangerine Dream amongst others
Musical Style:Experimental Ambient, Minimal, Trance, Electronic Music
Recordings Available:CD: Christo Jota 'Mantra' (Tribal Stomp) Release: 2006
distribution: www.christojota.de and Cargo
CD: Christo Jota 'Moondog' (Fuego) Release: 2008
distribution: www.christojota.de
CD: Christo Jota 'Guitar Looping # 1' Release: 2009
distribution: www.christojota.de
My first CD 'Mantra' is a trip inside. Its picture music for the new
century. Meditation Music. Electronic sounds, guitar loops, drum loops,
bass. Very smooth, melodic and hypnotic music. Inspired by Zen-Meditation.
For live-performances Im using a guitar amp, volume-pedal,
Boss DD 20 Giga Delay and/or RC 50 for looping, Micro Korg Synthesizer .Also
maybe some pre-recorded material (drums ).
Second CD 'Moondog'. More electronic style: Trance, Chillout, Ambient. Sure
with lots of guitar.
Third CD 'Guitar Looping # 1' Back to the roots of Looping. Just guitar,
looping device. No overdubs. Recorded live in my little studio.

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