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Dark Muse
Location:SF Bay Area
Email Address(es):soundsofthedarkmuse@hotmail.com
Website URL(s):http://www.eyescreamjewelry.com
Projects/Ensembles:Dark Muse (current one woman solo project), collaborations with other amazing experimental sound artists... & of course years & years ago... lead singer for some groups in Chitown. (but not mentioning names cause that was in the WAY past :)
Instruments:Main instrument is voice, electric guitar, autoharp, bowed cymbal (& bowing other metal pieces & strings), handmade metal sculpture tree instrument, russian string piano, sometimes utelizing the T-Rodimba (an instrument created by Tom Nunn), multiple synths & cheesy casio & even cheesier childrens toys & keyboards with funny sounds, water, metal, nails, screws, baking sheets, lazer guns, plastic tubes, basically anything that emits tones & funny sounds on found objects...
Looping Gear:2 line 6 delay modeler looping pedals, boss loop station...
Influences:Many under the sun... but some faves include: Bill Horist, Tom Nunn, Bauhaus, Sonic Youth, Jarboe, Lustmord, Raison d'etre, Swans, Lycia, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Billie Holiday, Tom Waits, Zappa, Slint, blues, funk, old skool, indie, gazerific, gothic, dark ambient & other goodies.... & on & on....
Musical Style:Haunting ethereal alchemy, Dark ambient, darkwave, experimental noize flow... & everything inbetween.
Recordings Available:1st Official Release: 'Sounds from beyond the Silver Wheel', & tons of others that are home burned: Ambrosia, Somber Antenna, Bedside Dilemma, Lilacs in Bloom, Mindscape, Remembering, DM Live... & newest: Temptress, Death to the Robots, Caravan of Gypsies, Black Forest, Lavender Leaves Traces, Ravenswood...
& 2nd official release due out in 2005 a double disc release entitled: 'Ghosts in the Ethereal Garden'
I love creating sounds as the Dark Muse... improvising from the first tone or breath... & layer upon layer... building the flow... letting go I sing mostly in a trance... & let the sensual waves of sound surround me... & sometimes build & end in Cacaphony of sound & noize... that at times can leave me breathless.

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