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Location:San Fraqncisco CA
Email Address(es):gott@cogit.com
Instruments:Guitars:Godin, Fender w/GK-2
Synths: Roland GR-1, GR-33
MEUs: Boss ME8, DOD FX, DOD Votec
Looping Gear:Boomerang
Influences:King Crimson, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix
Musical Style:Live jam looping. I don't spend my time editing. I just jam.
Recordings Available:None. I'm a live act.
I had a full Cakewalk setup and worked with it for a while. I came to the point where my music time was spent at the computer and not with the guitar. I revamped my gear so its all live loops. A little self-syncopation, the guitars, and synths and I have the sounds I'm looking for and all accessible while playing my guitar.

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