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matthew brown
Location:gainesville, flawidah
Email Address(es):gracecar1@hotmail.com
Website URL(s):http://mylastgoodbreath.home.icq.com
Projects/Ensembles:2 bands: the above website is for one of them. it is called flight 121, and being as i've had my dl-4 for about a month i've yet to be able to incorporate it into much stuff. we do have a few more repetitive parts to our songs where i'll just start layering and layering, but the big problem here is my amp (well, cabinet, actually...) just isn't good enough to take it all, and the sound becomes a bit muddy and the layering effect is kinda lost. just sounds like noise. oh well. i'll have the money to get my orange half stack by xmas, damnit.
Instruments:one absolute horror of an epiphone. really. its the cheapest les paul that they make. i play a late 60s fender bassman through a kustom 2x15 cab. bought the whole thing for 300$, so i'm not doing to bad for the money. the bassman sounds great, but the cab really doesn't do too much for guitar at all. first i get myself a real amp, then a real guitar.
Looping Gear:one line 6 dl-4. first weekend i had it i logged in about 25 hours on my porch. literally. all day saturday, all day sunday. the master plan is to get this new amp we keep hearing about, and couple that somehow with the bassman. so, two amps at once. and then 4 pedals. ahead of the looper: overdrive -) line selector. after the looper: boss pn-2 stereo tremelo. so the only real tone changer in all of this is the stompbox overdrive. everything else will come from running different things through each amp.
Influences:no idea. mostly indie rock stuff. fantomas. american football. fugazi. braid.
Musical Style:dunno. still kinda wacky, but i have yet to go to a purely compositional style of songwriting. still have that pop/rock/whatever heart in me. the whole plan is to have a solo setup of sorts, and to be able to pull of entire songs live using the MAKING of the loop as part of the structure. so big on the whole layering idea. kicking it on and off at parts, playing melodies, recording the melody, playing a different progression underneath the melody... all that stuff. i think i may end up with the good old EDP at some point in the near future, and use the dl-4 primarily for its stereo cababilities.
Recordings Available:go to www.ganaarecordings.com and listen to a band called flight 121. that's me. no looper, but that's me.

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