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Ken Ficara
Location:Brooklyn, NY
Email Address(es):music@kenficara.com
Website URL(s):http://wwww.kenficara.com
Instruments:Harmonica, guitar, keyboards
Looping Gear:Boss RC 50, EHX 2880, Roland SP-550, Eventide Timefactor, various samplers, sequencers and synths including a few vintage models.
Influences:Eno, Fripp, Reich, Scott Johnson, Jon Hassell
Musical Style:Harmonitronica
'Harmonitronica' is a combination of harmonica and electronica, the place where two seemingly divergent interests of mine have finally started to keep company. I've played the harmonica for more than half my life, mostly in traditional American music (old-time, traditional blues, country and bluegrass). And for even longer than that, I've loved certain kinds of electronic and experimental music.
Harmonitronica fuses the organic and vocal nature of the harmonica with the layering and atmospherics of ambient music, the beats of electronica, and the unpredictability of found music, noise and chance. Harmonitronica is not computer music. It is not carefully constructed with software, but improvised live and recorded direct to two-track. Some of these pieces were edited for length, to remove boring or repetitive spots, or improvisations that didn't work, but everything you hear is exactly as it was performed.

Harmonitronica is harmonica like you have never heard it before.

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