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O Yuki Conjugate
Email Address(es):oyc@oyukiconjugate.com
Website URL(s):www.oyukiconjugate.com
Instruments:guitar, bass, keyboards, dilruba, modular, found percussion
Looping Gear:Powertran, Jamman
Influences:Durutti Column, 23 Skidoo, Eno/Hassell, Can, Neu, Oval
Musical Style:dirty ambient
Recordings Available:Many, but loop-specific recordings are on 'Primitive' where the Powertran was heavily used and the 7inch single 'Circulars' which was composed almost entirely of loops.
O Yuki Conjugate have been making music since 1982. They have been known variously as industrial, tribal, ambient but have now coined their own term Dirty Ambient to describe their music. Currently in their 3rd incarnation they took a break for a mere decade to ponder on things other than music. Now re-energised they have released a new album in 2006 called 'The Euphoria of Disobedience' on their own OYCLimited label, and have plans for live appearances and two more albums in 2007.

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