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Email Address(es):bluefeet@hotmail.com
Website URL(s):http://meateaters.montreal.qc.ca
Projects/Ensembles:nodiscipline soulscapes
gnomeagain's temptation
eight! w/fluidcandy & hansbayer
ironic noize and The Flat Fifths
neptune in your anus
Instruments:Ibanez Tele
Fender F-15
Sammick 4string
PowerBeat/Pearl 7piece drumkit w/Roland MIDI drumbase
Looping Gear:Boss DD-5
Roland GR-30
modified open-reel 4track recorders
endlesstape recorder
nodiscipedal 8 (created by hansbayer)
Influences:everything with the word fripp, aphextwin, mike patton, beatles, nirvana, eno, peter hammill, mr.bungle, zappa, marc bolan, syd barrett, john frusciante, melvins, nomeansno, genesis, zorn, residents
Musical Style:aggressiveambient, antimusic, noize, tonepainting, heavy shit

Recordings Available:eight! recordings:
Waking Into Schizophrenia vol.1 (1999)
homogenious vectorial fluids (1999)
nodiscipline recordings:
halitosis - the heath kit (1996)
gnomeagain (green themes) (1998)
art1 (1999)
available bootleg: the flat fifths sessions live at Jailhouse
nodiscipline is fueled by extemporisation, induced with fear, and destroyed by health.
can you catch the soulfluid oozing out from my fingertips?

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