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kent o'doherty
Phone Number:+31 10 485 8353
Email Address(es):coltrane2@rocketmail.com
Projects/Ensembles:improvised solo performance.
imrovised tiro with two dancers.
ensmebles with sythns and bagpipes
Instruments:alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, bartione saxophone.
voice ( throat singing)
at times synth ( i just borrow a friends)
Looping Gear:Boss RC-20, Boss DV-3
Influences:Stockhausen, Steve Reich, Mark Pollard, Miles Davis, Coltrane, Ornette Coleman. Shakuhachi masters of Japan. Throat singers
Art ensemble of Chicago
Musical Style:improvised hybrid ( minimally based {of course})
mix of japanese influence, jazz, classical saxophone, tuvan throat singing
Recordings Available:none
i have just started to play electronic music, being involved only in the last year or so, but i have used electronics for my own compositions for a number for years. i find it more appealing to use acoustic instruments ( at the moment) anyway and find looping a good way of creating an atmosphere which usually requires many persons to do so.

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