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Pammmy Whammmy
Location:Ypsilanti Michigan, USA
Phone Number:Ask and I might give it to you
Email Address(es):countingcoup@riseup.net
Website URL(s):http://www.myspace.com/countncoup
Projects/Ensembles:Currently playing guitar in an all-woman cover band called the Damn Damsels. We are also working on originals as a band, and I meditate and de-stress by doing guitar looping in my home studio.
Instruments:Fender strat with Floyd Rose and Carvin pickups.
Schecter Diamond series A7+ seven string
Ovation acoustic electric
Looping Gear:Hmmm. For gigs I use a Vox Tonelab LE with an Alesis Nanocomp in the effects loop, which goes into an el-cheapo RMS stereo volume pedal, then one side goes to a Boss Loop Station and the power amp in of a Behringer 2x12, and the other non-Boss afflicted side goes to the return on a Line 6 Flextone 2. In the studio I add a Digitech TSR 24 set for 20 seconds of reverb and a Digitech RDS 8000. I also use an E-Bow.
Influences:Robert Fripp, David Torn, Gentle Giant, early Genesis, old Yes, Phish, Primus, Hendrix, Vivaldi, Bartok, Frank Zappa, Fear Factory, Adrian Belew, Jennifer Batten, Vernon Reid, traditional Pow Wow music, dial tones, the Weather Channel, and factory noises.
Musical Style:For money I will play almost anything. My own style is somewhere between Peter Gabriel era Genesis and Frank Zappa.
Recordings Available:Nothing solid. I rotate pieces on my Myspace page, and periodically take them down, never to be heard again.
It's nice to have a site dedicated to looping! I look forward to hearing new music from members and having stimulating interactions with same.

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