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Location:Bill T. Miller
ExtraTerrestrial Discs
PO BOX 230221
Boston, MA 02123
Phone Number:(617) LICK OBE
Email Address(es):btm@billtmiller.com
Website URL(s):http://billtmiller.com/
Projects/Ensembles:OBE- Out Of Band Experience
Kings Of Feedback
Orgy Of Noise
King Of Slack
Drum Army
Instruments:Panasonic Microdeck, Peavey Sampler, Chapman Stick,
Stratocaster, Frettless Fender Jazz Bass,
JX-8P, Arp Odyssey, Mac 7100 and assorted toys and junk.
Looping Gear:Main LOOPING via TWO PCM LEXICON 41 Digital Delay units.
Extra kaos via PAR LOCK-IN AMP and REVOX A-77 Reel to Reel
Tape Recorder (used for Frippertronics-like soundz)
and assorted pedals and rack multi-fx units.
Influences:TV, cheezy xxx porno, telephones, cartoons, Hendrix, Zappa,
Rod Serling, Trent Reznor, Fripp, Eno, Spinal Tap, John Lennon, Glenn Phillips, Steve Morse, Firesign Theatre and sounds of
real life enviroments.
Musical Style:experimental industrial blues slack sluge hardcore
alien orgy samplefest noise
Recordings Available:Several CDs and Records available from ExtraTerrestrial Discs.
The cds/records from my band OBE tends to have the maximum
overindulgence overload of sample and loop happy soundz.
Wanna hear some BTM soundz? Tons of FREE MP3, Real Audio and Wavs
available at my MP3 ORGY site: http://billtmiller/mp3orgy/

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