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Tha Buzz
Location:Lancashire, UK
Phone Number:(UK) (01200) 440247
Email Address(es):buzz@ultrafoetus.freeserve.co.uk
Website URL(s):http://www.ultrafoetus.freeserve.co.uk
Projects/Ensembles:Ultrafoetus; Sounds of Science; Dig Pfizer B; The Middle Finger (and more in the pipeline)
Instruments:For live performance and recording: vocals; guitar; Boss SP-202; synth; anything else I can get my hands on
Looping Gear:Miscellaneous PC-based sampling, looping, editing and sequencing sofware, including Cubase VST and ReBirth; Akai S3000XL; aforementioned Boss SP-202
Influences:The spirit of '92; Public Enemy; Coldcut; Bentley Rhythm Ace; Beastie Boys; Mr. Scruff; Prince; tha Digital Hardcore crew; Daft Punk; Tricky; Fatboy Slim; DJ Shadow; Leftfield; Freq Nasty; Groove Armada; Freestylers; NWA; Portishead; Meat Beat Manifesto; Lo-Fidelity Allstars; Chemical Brothers; Double Trouble; Beck; Onyx; Massive Attack; Aphex Twin; Prodigy; KC and the Sunshine Band; The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, to name but a few...
Musical Style:Erm... Hip-hop and/or electro are probably the only common themes running through most of the stuff I do. Ultrafoetus is a solo, studio-based project, mostly focussed on producing slightly warped hip-hop and breakbeat, putting 'tha fun' back into 'tha funk'. Sounds of Science is another studio project, but with three of us (the other blokes being my mates Da Fluff and Duncan) involved, which uses more live elements than Ultrafoetus, but still centres around the sequencer. We also make warped hip-hop under this moniker, but a shitload more warped than the Ultrafoetus stuff, and probably less commercial or dancefloor-inclined... more like giggly, 4am Saturday morning, just before the comedown grabs ya kind of music. Dig Pfizer B is a proper live band and everything, using the traditional live setup (guitar, bass, drums) alongside decks and samplers. In the studio, we record loops from the live instruments which I then sample and sequence, the way God intended the recording process to be. Finally, The Middle Finger is the sinister and slightly chinny one of this motley crew - a lot more serious at any rate, and the one least in thrall to tha funk. Bit scary.
Recordings Available:Eight Ultrafoetus tunes are available in Mp3 format on the Ultrafoetus homepage @ http://www.ultrafoetus.freeserve.co.uk.
Time to rock, 'cos the rhythm is trouble!

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