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Trevor Bajus
Location:NYC (for now)
Phone Number:719-388-7655
Email Address(es):nyfac2@nyfac.com
Projects/Ensembles:(ex)Hayseed, (ex)Halo, and most recently, (ex)Canaveral. I am currently looking for another band to get kicked out of.
Instruments:Fender Jaguar, ESP telecaster with b- and g-benders (for the faux pedal steel action), several junked/rebuilt/prepared guitars, Mesa Maverick, Bedrock AC-30 clone, various MusicMan amps, E-bow, cordless electric screwdriver, computer printers, feedback, Lexicon LXP15+, Alesis Quadraverb, a battery of (now rarely used) pedals (tremolo is a favorite), and like everyone else in New York, the tiny sections of string above my nut and behind my bridge.
Looping Gear:Boss pitchshifter delay, JamMan, DigiDesign Session8, tape
Influences:Jawbox, Rodan, Fugazi, Neil Young, Lou Reed, Cocteau Twins, Throwing Muses, Gang of Four, Eno with Fripp, Fripp with Eno or Sylvian, Sonic Youth, the whole Knitting Factory crowd (Laswell, Zorn, Ribot, etc.) Yo La Tengo, Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Low, Steve Fisk, Idaho, Slint, June of '44, Grifters, Shiner, etc.
Musical Style:Art-punk? Folk? Noise? Pop?
Recordings Available:No real ones. I have had four bands explode on the brink of recording. It is like a curse.

Update: The recording curse strikes again! Make that five bands.
Well, I used to say 'I honk, I shronk, I make loud farting noises, AND I play guitar.'

Jordan Mamone of Alger Hiss says the above is no longer quite accurate. He describes me as the 'poor man's Robert Quine', which is just about the coolest thing one could say. I still like the farting part, though.

Marc Ribot and Kristin Hirsh's illegitimate love-child? Dastardly product of the gene splicing of Neil Young, Ornette Coleman, and Tony Iommi? You be the judge.

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