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Kim Corbet
Location:Address5815 Rich Dallas 75227
Phone Number:214.381.9559
Email Address(es):kcorbet@mail.smu.edu
teaches new music improv, jazz history and rock history at Southern
Methodist University and has performed/recorded in music and multi-media
projects for 30 years, notably with BL Lacerta (who worked with John Cage,
many members of the current Deep Listening Ensemble [Pauline Oliveros,
et.al.], eventually turning our attention to silent movie scores). Other
projects include Beledi (a middle Eastern jazz ensemble) and Flash to
Bangtime (an equatorial rockband).
Kim grew up w/trombone and accordion, though studying electronic music up
through doctoral work at North Texas set the stage for the allure of looping
devices, buying numerous delays, a jamman and boomerang in order to create
music in styles ranging from R&B (or Texas Swamp Boogie) in "Rotten Rubber
Band" to NewPunk Noise in "GOUGE" to new music improvisation in multi-media
performances of "comatheatre", combining music, dance, acting and multiple
visual projections (video, film, slides) in unusual theatrical settings (in
summer residence at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary on a grant from the
Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs). Also a dj on Dallas public radio station
KERA, Kim enjoys playing a mix of ecclectic music (from Fripp and Eno to
blues, jazz, classical, even pop and singer-songwriter).
Teaching, radio and live performance affords scant time for home-recording,
but Kim takes occassional commissions for video and dance scores and hopes
to put out a solo CD by the end of the year (although he's not sure WHICH
year we're talking about here)...

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