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Bryan Helm
Location:Longmont, Colorado
Phone Number:303-684-9069
Email Address(es):loopbozo@aol.com
Website URL(s):http://www.pureambient.com
Projects/Ensembles:Nelson & Helm 84-85, League of Crafty Guitarists 85, Dozey Lumps 88-91, Bindlestiff 91-present, Cloud Silence 79-81, Ample Parking 81-84,Brothersync 97-present.
Instruments:keyboards(synth&piano),guitar,voice,etc.. Roland TR-505 drum machine.
Looping Gear:Lexicon Jamman (32 Sec.),Lexicon Vortex.
Influences:Brian Eno, Jade Warrior, Robert Fripp, Gentle Giant, Wendy Carlos, Split Enz, Mike Oldfield, XTC, Harry Nilsson, Jan Garabek, Peter Gabriel, Stockhausen, Miles Davis, Glenn Gould, Nick Drake, Carl Stalling, Steve Hillage,Future Sound of London,Bjork,Monk.
Musical Style:An equal amount of layered ambient loops, and textured rhythm oriented loops, with and without solo counterpoint
Recordings Available:For material with Bindlestiff visit www.pureambient.com for a complete catalog on CD,downloadable tracks & more, plus my first solo CD 'Liquid Center'is also featured there.
For Brothersync's debut disc 'Expect Delays' visit MP3.com

No one in my family played an instrument of any kind but they loved to play records. My dad liked Mississippi Delta blues, and jazz, and rock up to Hendrix. My mom liked Rachmaninoff and American country music. Into this world of influences, and others, in 1968 came Walter Carlos's 'Switched onBach'. From the age of ten I wanted to hear any new sound you could make with anything, period. Electronic, acoustic, if it made a noise, I wanted to tweak it till it coughed up the sound. Having dropped out of college( a B+in choir, an F in theory) I got a guitar/amp, a reel to reel, and effects including a Roland Space-Echo to combat my friend's Echo-Plex. That was 1978 and I've been repeating signals via analog and digital means ever since.True looping started in late 1979 with 2 half tracks at 7 and 1/2 ips. Since then I've enjoyed making some of the most relaxing and annoying 'music' that I can manage on a limited budget. My wife of 20 years has some of the more tolerant ears on the planet, and both my boys ages 11 and 17, think I'm crazy, but that's ok. The CDs prove this I'm told. Looping can produce some of the most delicate and powerful textures available in modern music. The frame of mind generated by having to construct live loops in performance (particularly without an 'Undo' function) is one of concentrated bliss for me.My work with group looping and earlier ensemble work with the League of Crafty Guitarists have enabled me to experience some truly wonderful sounds in my life.Next step.......much longer digital stereo loops,solo piano works,more Bindlestiff and Brothersync..................thanx for readin

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