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Pat Hickey
Location:Clearwater, Florida, USA
Phone Number:813 669 6702
Email Address(es):brzrkr@nielsenmedia.com
Instruments:1978 B.C.Rich Mockingbird or 1964 Fender Jaguar, Art SGX/Nitro Preamp/Effects with X-15 Ultrafoot controller, A-B Systems 75w amp, Bullfrog 12in/horn combo cab
Looping Gear:JamMan. Just got a vortex, I'll put it in there somewhere. Am unhappy with the lack of control over what does/not go to loop, so want to add a mixer or patcher to setup. I'd really like computer control of effects setups, so I can choose one from a menu. Ditto for sequencing loop segments, so I can concentrate on playing.
Influences:I'm an old rocker, stuck in 'Progressive' era. Interests include jazz, classical, ambient - no rap or country. Robert Fripp a big influence. Saw Frippertronics several times, even bought two Tascam 3340s to do same myself (they are for sale, since the JamMan does this in a half-height rack slot!). Torn a big influence. Many, many, many other influences, from Al DiMeola to Bella Fleck with many side trips (so to speak).
Musical Style:Rock/fusion/ambient.
I'm a EE/CS Unix hacker who would love the opportunity (as mentioned on
LoopersDelight) to hack audio toys, should the grassroots get deep enough. I
have no audio experience, tho.
If any of you come down Clearwater way, look me up.

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