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Michael Pycraft Hughes
Location:Surrey, England
Email Address(es):m.hughes@surrey.ac.uk
Projects/Ensembles:The Zen Room
Instruments:Levinson Blade R4, Washburn EA30
Looping Gear:Lex Jamman (32sec), asstd. pedals
Influences:Renaissance music. Swing. The Minimalist movement. Art-rock and jazz-rock. Celtic. Pointilism. Art Deco. Japanese graphic art.
Musical Style:To combine all the above. To develop loop structures, rather than constantly layering, working towards improvisation within a more limited framework - too much can lead to laziness. To write more. Mostly, to stop writing pretentious nonsense like this!
Recordings Available:None, alas
I started looping in the early 1990s using an old 2-second Frontline delay which my father (a rockabilly guitarist) had gained in a trade years before. I knew about looping from (where else?) Robert Fripp, mainly from the Easter Sunday flexidisk theat came free with Guitar Player in about '84. It was the mindblowing 1994 release of Polytown that made me DESPERATE to loop... and it was then that Lady Luck helped. I entered - and won - the 'Win A Jamman' competition in The Guitar Magazine (UK) in 95, and the rest is (largely unrecorded) history.

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